About us

Our factory has 15 years of experience in production and research and development, and has designed many types of air cooling, liquid cooling, and flat cooling products. And help customers design and develop products, and provide many design solutions.

Hoongsi trading company is an independent department of our factory. Hoongsi is mainly responsible for the international promotion of the company's products, accepting customer orders, and selling standard and customized products.

At the same time, we also undertake the procurement agency business, purchasing high-quality products from Chinese factories, such as fans, industrial power supplies, lanterns, car navigation, pet locators and so on.

At the same time, we also have agent customers to inspect the factory and verify the business of the supplier. Welcome to contact us.

My name is Yoki, I have worked in this factory for more than ten years and have rich product experience. If you have any questions, you can communicate with me directly.